Ben Schramm, United States Air Force (March, 2020)

Ben Schramm, US DoD — Washington, D.C.
Ben Schramm, US DoD — Washington, D.C.

Based in Washington, D.C., Ben Schramm currently serves as Senior Advisor and Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the Air Force at the United States Air Force.

Schramm’s prior military experience has aided him in his vast knowledge of state issues and protocol; as a US marine, he was tasked with being a platoon commander at Camp Lejeune & Afghanistan from 2010–2011. During pre-deployment training, Schramm was responsible for a 38-marine platoon, which he also oversaw throughout an eight-month combat deployment to Helmand Province, Afghanistan (where he served as a fuel escort convoy commander).

Ben Schramm spent time as a Company Commander in the 2d MLG in Lejeune. He was also an Aide-de-Camp for the II MEF due to his established military performance record.

Ben Schramm is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he was both a member of the varsity crew team at Kent Prep school and a member of the Baltimore Rowing Club.

To learn more about Ben Schramm, click here.

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